Product Description

SSC Controls

F Series

Foot Switch

Medium-duty foot switch


The F-Series is a medium-duty foot switch (foot pedal) featuring a highly durable die-cast zinc alloy housing, attractive rounded appearance with powder-painted finish, user-friendly wiring connection, and numerous switch and wiring combinations. The added weight provides stability and will be secure under your foot, while the attractive finish fits well in home, shop, and office as well as factory environments.

Ideal for power tools, office and communication equipment, medical, factory floor, hand tools, boom lifts, scissor lifts, man lifts, emergency vehicles (fire truck siren or air horn), musical operation, lighting and lamps, and more. Replaces the clipper foot switch style.

  • Medium-duty construction - ideal for industrial, shop, and office environments.

  • Die-cast zinc alloy housing provides superior durability and long life.

  • Powder-painted black finish with bottom traction pad.

  • Cable cord grip fits up to .60" cable diameter (on units without cables).

  • Includes two exterior bolt-down holes.

  • Available with Momentary (press and hold to turn on, release to turn off) or Maintained (press once to turn on, press again to turn off) action.

  • F300 models can turn on and off lights, lamps, appliances, etc., without having to bend down (has push-on, push-off "Maintained" action).

  • Model F222 has an additional force between activation of each switch (two-stage function).

  • Also available as a dual model (with two foot pedals connected together) in the DF-Series.

  • Enclosure rating: CSA/NEMA Type 1; IEC 60529 IP20.

  • CSA Certified and UL Listed to US and Canadian standards

  • Designed and manufactured under an ISO 9001 certified quality system.

  • Made in USA.


Optional Guard

The F-Series with Guards provide a tough powder-painted steel cover for any F-Series foot switch. The unit includes the foot switch enclosed in a tough 12-gauge steel guard. The guard provides a comfortable housing in which to locate the foot, as well as to protect the switch from debris.

SSC Controls F-Series Guard

Optional Protective Boot Cover

The vinyl boot cover can be attached onto any single F-Series foot switch with no tools required. The boot cover adds a layer of protection to keep out dirt, dust, light overhead dripping water, and other undesirable elements. Note: It does not make the foot switch waterproof or submergible, and it does not change the NEMA Enclosure Type 1 or IP 20 rating of the F-Series. It is made of Plastisol PVC material.

Dual Base Compatible

The DF-Series Dual Foot Switch allows the combination of two F-Series foot switches on a dual base, with a connection tube to route the wiring from one side to the other, and one cable exit point.

SSC Controls DF-Series Dual-Foot Switch



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